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We Are Here

A Project In Visual Anthropology:
An exploration into egalitarianism in 2018

Since the eviction of the Calais jungle in 2016 and the Dunkirk camp burning down 2017, people forget that there are still around 1,500 refugees sleeping rough in Northern France that need help. The media has come to neglect this topic now, and people have forgotten, yet with police evictions happening everyday in France taking tents and sleeping bags - the need is ever present. This film hopes to raise awareness for all the amazing groups of people I have met fighting for the justice of refugees. 

I hope to show that we should all stand up for what we believe to be right, and show that when people come together great things can be achieved. I believe that through the use of visual anthropology, awareness can be raised and the word can get out there without the reliance on mass media.


I hope to show you my journey in exploring egalitarianism and the ways in which people come together collectively to act for those that are less fortunate than them. The media tends to forget this group of people that take action against the atrocities, and quickly move on from stories that aren't getting any better, allowing the public to feel the problem may have gone away. I feel as though these groups should be acknowledged and encouraged, and people should be told about them to show there is hope and things can be done.


We should all be fighting for an equal world rather than giving up hope!

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